Everybody wishes to live in a beautiful and comfortable house. However, when we enter our home premises, the first thing that catches our eyes is the flooring. The flooring significantly affects the aesthetic and comfortability of those who enter your home. From the famous ceramic tile, vinyl flooring was introduced to the market. And if you are clueless about vinyl or where to search for vinyl flooring in Charlotte, NC, don’t worry! The Vinyl Flooring and Beyond got your back. We have precisely what you are looking for.

What is vinyl flooring?

The vinyl tiles are mainly made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is also commonly used for polymers. It is a rigid thermoplastic material that is heated and pressed into thin layers that will form into sheets and eventually cut into tiles.

The vinyl flooring is similar to the ceramic tile we have used for a very long time. The difference is that vinyl flooring doesn’t need cement or other foundations to install. Instead, it can be installed on the surface. Aside from that, vinyl flooring is a safe option, especially for kids. It is not prone to damage like cracks due to the low quality of foundations and dropped objects.

Given the quality and durability of the vinyl, it is also ideal for styling your house, commercial building, or other types of room that are suitable for vinyl flooring. Vinyl has various designs that can match the room’s interior style and contributes to its aesthetic.

What is the difference between click-in vinyl flooring and adhesive vinyl flooring?

All vinyl tiles have one primary purpose, but it only differs in how it is installed and their properties. Aside from its aesthetic characteristic, vinyl flooring adds value by maintaining clean and comfortable surroundings.

Specifically, vinyl flooring has two types, click-in vinyl flooring, and adhesive vinyl flooring. To give insights about these floorings, below shows how these two differ.

  • Click-in vinyl flooring – Are you familiar with a jigsaw puzzle? Most tile floorings look like constructing a puzzle. The click-in vinyl flooring is primarily similar to any vinyl. However, it’s not laborious compared to ceramic tiles and flooring. It can be directly placed on the surface by carefully aligning the edges. Also, no other materials should be stuck—only the vinyl itself.

This type of vinyl adopts the suitable technique of a similar object, the tongue and groove method. This process only required patience and minimal effort to properly connect and join the vinyl.

  • Adhesive vinyl flooring – Adhesive vinyl flooring is like tile wallpaper. This type of vinyl is thin and considered the most accessible vinyl flooring to install. Unlike in click-in vinyl, you need to align the tongue and groove carefully. While using adhesive vinyl, it will directly stick onto the ground by peeling the back cover of the adhesive. But you need to note that proper underlayment is required to ensure the glue of this vinyl will last long.

How to install click-in vinyl and adhesive vinyl flooring?

  1. Clean the surface. Before jumping into the installation process, you need to ensure that the floor surface is clean, with no dust, dirt, oil, or grease to secure the installation. By this, the vinyl will stick easily and be installed appropriately on the floor.
  2. Measure and create markings. In any project, markings are essential as they will provide a guide throughout the procedure. This will help you install the vinyl efficiently and effectively.
  3. Next is to stick the vinyl. For the click-in vinyl flooring, you only need to align the tongue and groove between the pieces. Continue this method until you fill the floor area.

For the adhesive vinyl flooring, peel out the paper covering of adhesive placed at the back of the vinyl.

  1. Place the vinyl accordingly. Make sure the position of the vinyl is perpendicular and well installed.
  2. If necessary cutting is needed, make markings on the back of vinyl where you need to cut. Then use the cutter, fine utility knife, or most advisable is the vinyl tile cutter.

Benefits of vinyl flooring on your home

The versatility of vinyl flooring hit off the market. No doubt, vinyl flooring is widely used today. Aside from its affordability, vinyl can be installed by yourself with proper knowledge. But to make sure no regrets and money will lose, consider asking skilled people to work for you.

If you are still wondering whether vinyl flooring is a good thing, here are some benefits that may help you.

  • Cost-Effective. Way back then, ceramic flooring is commonly used for flooring, even today. However, it needs a lot of money to complete the installation. Therefore, you need to hire skilled workers rather than spending too much money to buy mortar, tile cutting equipment, cement, and other additional expenditures by yourself. Not only that, you might end up with higher costs since you are not used to estimating portions. While in vinyl, it can be installed by one person only and doesn’t need any equipment or gluing material.
  • Saves time. Inventors and innovators continue to create things that will make our life easier and better. For example, vinyl flooring does not just save money but also saves time and labor. It will install directly on the floor surface. As mentioned above, no other glue materials are needed. Only the vinyl provides the glue, which is adhesive, and another interlocking feature together with the vinyl.
  • Durability. Unlike any other type of tiles, vinyl flooring is durable and not prone to cracks. As a result, you will not worry if you drop something or if a sudden tile crack will happen. That’s why it is highly recommended for those with kids or pets at home.
  • Convenient. Aside from the easy installation of the vinyl flooring, it is also easy to cut without using any heavy equipment. A fine cutter or vinyl cutter is enough to cut the vinyl.
  • Water-resistant. Although you are using vinyl at your home, you will not worry about spilling water on it as they are also immune to moisture. You can easily clean the water or fluid on your vinyl.
  • Aesthetic. In terms of visual and aesthetic purposes, vinyl flooring is ideal and widely known for that. It provides realistic flooring designs that can portray wood, marble, and many other styles.

Vinyl flooring is a good investment. It will not just add to the aesthetic value of your house, but it will also give you clean surroundings and affordable flooring that can last long. So what are you waiting for? Stop looking for the best vinyl flooring in Charlotte, NC, because Vinyl Flooring and Beyond can offer you quality vinyl products and services that will suit your needs and requirements. To know more about our services, you may visit our website and give us a call.