Vinyl plank flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners because it is affordable, durable, and easy to install. However, the cost of installing vinyl plank flooring can vary depending on the size of the room and the complexity of the installation. Let’s outline some factors that can affect the total cost of installation, as well as provide average costs for completing a vinyl flooring Charlotte NC project.


Here are the most recent installation costs for vinyl planks:

  • Vinyl plank flooring installation generally costs roughly $2,000 per room in the nation (according to HomeAdvisor).
  • The average cost is in the $800 to $2,900 range.
  • Vinyl plank installation typically costs between $1.50 and $6 per square foot labor.
  • Depending on the model, the typical material prices for vinyl plank flooring range from $1.50 to $10 per square foot.

That’s an extensive range, as we all know. And what is cheap in one place could be very expensive in another! So let’s further break down these prices into labor, installation type, and material costs.

1. The Average Labor Cost for Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

Vinyl plank flooring installation typically costs between $1.50 and $6 per square foot of labor. However, the cost of delivery varies considerably based on numerous variables. For instance, Kansas will have labor costs that are far lower than New York. Moreover, if you reside in a region where home sales are on the rise, you may expect additional costs because higher demand translates into higher pricing.

2. Calculating Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Costs Based on Installation Technique

The three primary techniques for installing vinyl plank flooring are:

  • Installing as a floating floor that clicks together – range of labor costs: $1.50 to $6.
  • As a glue-down floor installation – glue-down installation costs $1.50–$6/sq. ft. price range.
  • As a peel-and-stick floor installation – Between $1.50 to $6 is the labor cost range for peel-and-stick items.

3. Average Materials Cost for Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

As we have discussed, vinyl plank flooring installation often costs $1.50 to $10 per square foot in materials. Therefore, by quality, it is simplest to estimate the actual cost of installing vinyl plank flooring.


There are four easy steps in installing vinyl plank floorings:

1. Examine the subfloor, and if necessary, install luan

Regarding laying vinyl flooring—or any form of flooring, for that matter—one thing that hasn’t altered is the requirement for a flawlessly smooth and level substrate or subfloor. So, first, examine the condition of the current subfloor to see if it can be used as is or if adding a layer of luan is required.

To make sure that the cutouts in the existing floor are aligned to the floor penetration, accuracy in the measurement must be observed before installing the replacement luan. Using a saber saw, make holes for penetrations such as heaters and pipelines.

2. Replace the underlayment if required

Laying a roll of underlayment is required if the chosen vinyl plank flooring does not already have a layer of underlayment affixed to its underside. Keep in mind that underlayment is not necessary for peel-and-stick flooring.

Be careful not to overlap the seams as you install the underlayment from wall to wall. Instead, use house-wrap or underlayment tape to tape the seams together.

3. Begin with the first course

Start by measuring one end of the room to the other, then divide that distance by the width of a vinyl plank. The decibel value indicates the width of the finished plank on the opposite side of the room (in percentage). Calculate this percentage quickly to make sure it is greater than 2 inches. Next, lay the first row across the wall in a straight line, making any required adjustments.

4. Install the vinyl flooring planks

Start putting in the vinyl flooring planks. For peel-and-stick flooring, take off the backing, position the plank so that only the edge touches the row before it, then lay it flat and press it into place. To flatten the adhesive against the substrate, use the roller.

When installing vinyl plank flooring with tongue and groove, insert the language of the following course into the groove of the preceding system and tap it into place with the tapping block. Make sure to give enough space for expansion (1/4 to 3/8 inch around the periphery).


Finding the best flooring professionals to install or refinish your wood floors is not a simple undertaking, but it is equally crucial. What you need to do to discover the best flooring contractors here at Vinyl Flooring Charlotte, NC, is as follows:

Check to see if the flooring contractors or company has a license or insurance.

The first two items you should check for when beginning your search are a license and insurance. It would be beneficial if you used both criteria to narrow your search for a trustworthy and authorized flooring contractor.

A licensed contractor will definitely give you peace of mind since they’re a respectable contractor, and insurance will cover you if there are any accidents on the job or if the contractor destroys your property or doesn’t complete the project.

Get at least three estimates from different flooring businesses.

Even if you already have a contractor in mind, you should still get quotes from a few others to compare prices and ensure that you are not overcharging. It will also ensure that you get the best person for the job and a fair price.

Other than the advantage of comparing prices, requesting a written proposal will also help you get a feel for the contractor.

Ask important contractor questions.

Asking the contractors a lot of relevant questions will help you put them to the test. Make a list of inquiries, such as:

Are they able to offer you advice on the best wood grain or color for your house?

Do they understand what would be required in terms of upkeep and care?

Are there any potential problems that might arise during the process, and how will they resolve them?

Browse Reviews

Nowadays, it’s possible to provide and get fast feedback, which is why many of us depend on company or product reviews to help us decide what to buy. Since it’s simple enough for customers to submit reviews to share their great experiences with other potential customers and is typically encouraged by businesses, if you can’t find any reviews, this should be your first red flag.

Final research is essential.

The last step should always be to conduct additional research before deciding and committing to a flooring contractor or firm after you have read the reviews, gathered all of your quotations, and chosen your top one or two.


Being organized and engaged can ensure that the installation process is completed quickly and effectively, perhaps preventing disappointment and regrets afterward.

Knowing the installation process will lessen the burden and stress for you, your family, and your home since you are aware of what to anticipate. Here are a few guides about what to expect during the installation and what you need to do as the owner of the house:

Be present during the installation day.

On the day of installation, be ready to be at home and accessible in case the installation team has any queries. Your presence will guarantee that the appropriate vinyl is placed in the proper places. Some installers might be unable to provide you with a precise arrival time because it can be challenging to predict the length and details of each project. We advise you to be adaptable and stay in touch.

Always safety first

Your installers will employ a range of instruments and procedures that could endanger the working environment. Therefore, kindly ensure that your kids and pets are far from the construction zone on the installation day.

Ask questions and walkthrough

We advise you to go over the installation process with the leading installer before it is finished. Through that, you certainly have the chance to clear out any remaining details and ask questions at this time.

Here at Vinyl Flooring & Beyond, you can say no to hassle installations and say yes to quality and aesthetic flooring for your home. Our professional flooring installers can do the job for you and ensure you get what you expect. So call us today or visit our website to schedule an online appointment. We’ll offer you all the information you need to figure out, especially regarding the cost of installing vinyl flooring in Charlotte, NC, from typical labor expenses to average material pricing.