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When you think about flooring, the floor of your home may be the first thing to come to mind. Although flooring can have a significant impact on how a room looks or feels, flooring is not just for decoration. When the floor becomes too weak for its load, it should be replaced by professionals who know what type of floor would work best under the circumstances. In most cases, broken floorboards or loose floor tiles indicate that it’s time for a new flooring installation. How will you know it’s time to have new flooring installed?

  • Floorboard: floorboards that remain loose or start to break apart should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Floors Tiles: floor tiles that are cracked, chipped, faded, or lifting upwards can also indicate a flooring problem because they don’t properly lock into the floor underneath.
  • Flooring Adhesives: floor adhesives help link floor panels together and support them, so you’ll want to consider replacing any adhesive layers that have become dried out, cracked, or flaking away from the floor.

Our flooring specialists at Vinyl Flooring & Beyond know how important it is to get your flooring installation right the first time around. This means getting new floorboards or panels if necessary, making sure the floor is ready to support the new flooring, and finding the best materials for your unique space. If you have never experienced a flooring installation first hand, consider hiring our experts on both ends of the service. Not only will we ensure that your flooring looks perfect, but we can also save you money by helping you avoid flooring problems in the future. As with any major renovation project, flooring installations are far from simple tasks. The good news is that our flooring professionals already know how to complete these projects successfully! From floorboard additions and replacements to full-floor renovations, our flooring experts do all they can to ensure each customer walks away feeling satisfied with their new floors. Call us today!

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Business flooring may be the last thing on your mind when designing a new commercial space, but flooring can have a significant impact on business success or failure. Flooring is one of the most visible parts of your commercial building to visitors and employees alike, so it’s essential for the flooring to match the appearance you want to achieve with the rest of your business decor. It also serves as padding between people and hard surfaces that could result in injury. Different commercial floorings serve different purposes, which means flooring choice depends on how much foot traffic will be handled by that floor covering.

Once you’ve chosen flooring for your commercial building, flooring installation is the next step. Some flooring also requires special surface preparation before installation or other practices that vary depending on business needs or local laws. However, any floor installed without sufficient preparation may fail over time due to poor adherence or damage caused by moisture. When problems arise with floor coverings after floor installation, do-it-yourself remedies are often only temporary at best — professional consultation is typically needed for flooring repairs, particularly in commercial flooring. A do-it-yourself approach to commercial floor installation without proper preparation may result in costly problems over time.

  • Inadequate floor preparation that causes floor coverings to fail due to poor adherence.
  • Applications that aren’t customized for your business needs
  • Wrong floor choice that fails to consider foot traffic, floor location, and maintenance needs.

If you’re hiring a commercial floor installation company in Monroe, NC, turn to our experts at Vinyl Flooring & Beyond!

Residential Flooring Services Monroe NC

Residential Flooring Services Monroe NCChoosing a flooring type is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when buying or updating a home. The floor covering has to feel good underfoot, look attractive, be durable and easy to maintain, fit your budget and offer all the performance characteristics you need for function, style, and safety. Check out these various floor types suitable for use in the home together with other helpful flooring-related articles:

Hardwood Flooring: One of the most popular floors covering choices is hardwood flooring. There are multiple reasons homeowners love solid wood floors, including their classic look, warm feel, and easy to clean.

Tile flooring: Another popular floor type is tile flooring which comes in many colors, shapes, and styles. Tile flooring has several advantages, including easy installation (you can lay it on virtually any subfloor), durability (ceramic tiles are capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic), and low cost (tile can be inexpensive).

Carpet flooring: As far as comfort is concerned, carpet flooring wins hands down, beating other floor types, including tile and hardwood floor. Carpet floors offer softness underfoot, not found with any other floor type. If sound reduction or insulation is an issue for you, don’t worry because carpet comes in various thicknesses that fit your needs

Laminate flooring: The last but not least floor type is laminate flooring which offers you the benefits of natural wood flooring, including beauty and longevity. The floor looks very realistic, and there are numerous floor styles to choose from: traditional, rustic, modern, and more.

We can help you find the best flooring for your home! Schedule your appointment and join our long list of residential flooring clients.

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Do you want to save money on flooring services in Monroe, NC? Think you can do it yourself, at least part of it? You might not know this yet, but flooring is not a DIY project that is easy to complete. On the contrary, flooring work requires special tools and equipment because flooring materials are heavy and difficult to carry around. Plus, there is a lot of carpentry involved when installing floorboards or tiles.

To make the flooring process simpler, you need professionals who have extensive flooring experience and know what kind of flooring will work best in your home. Professional floor fitters use suitable flooring types and materials to ensure that they meet your requirements. At Vinyl Flooring & Beyond, we believe in quality floor installation & repair work which is why our clients always come back for flooring services. If you’re looking for flooring experts in Monroe, contact us now!

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