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The flooring of your home or business can be chosen from a variety of flooring materials, each providing its benefits and drawbacks. Selecting flooring for your building is not just an aesthetic choice but also one that should take into account the floor’s ability to stand up to the traffic patterns of its inhabitants as well as environmental considerations. As a trusted flooring company in Charlotte, NC, here are the top materials that we recommend to our residential and commercial clients:

  • Laminate flooring is made of layers of wood on top of a layer of melamine resin and a base layer of fiberboard. This flooring material is more affordable than natural flooring options and less susceptible to dents and scratches. The flooring is glued down, so it cannot be moved or re-positioned. It should only be installed by a flooring service with experience with the product because mistakes can lead to bubbling and cracking of the floor.
  • Vinyl flooring is made from a combination of PVC resins and pigments, dyes, fillers, or extenders. This flooring is easy to maintain and can imitate any surface, including wood and tile.
  • Carpet flooring has been a popular floor for homes for years because of its comfort underfoot and ease of cleaning. Carpets can provide insulation from cold flooring materials such as tile and laminate flooring.
  • Tile flooring is made up of clay or porcelain tiles that are molded into floor tiles, then fired in a kiln, and polished to create a smooth flooring surface. It is available in a wide variety of flooring designs and colors, such as marble flooring or travertine flooring.
  • Hardwood flooring is made of real wood and provides a luxurious aura to your property. They can last longer than any type of flooring but are also more costly.

Choosing a flooring design for your home or business should be done carefully, considering the floor’s intended use, budget, and environmental factors. Let our experts at Vinyl Flooring & Beyond lead you to the perfect floor for your unique property!

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The flooring in a commercial space doesn’t just need to be durable and easy to clean. It also needs to look good. It is important for flooring material in an office space or commercial building to coordinate with the architecture and design of the rest of the building and complement the furniture and equipment used by employees. Size is one of the primary things flooring in an office space needs to consider. The size of the flooring material should be proportional to the floor area it occupies. Otherwise, the flooring may appear disorderly and unbalanced. Another factor to consider is floor life expectancy or floor durability. This is often referred to as durability, wear rating, or floor performance index. Durability depends on what flooring material is used. Resilience is also a factor to consider when choosing a commercial flooring for your property. The flooring needs to withstand the impact of constant foot traffic.

A flooring material that is easy to clean and maintain will enhance the floor’s appearance. Maintenance includes regularly vacuuming or mopping floor tiles, sweeping flooring mats, and wiping floor countertops. Floor surfaces need to be resistant to damage from water, juice, and coffee from spills. When choosing flooring for office spaces, your options may include floor tiles, floor mats, laminate flooring, or carpeting. But, for the best result, we recommend you work with our reputable flooring experts in Charlotte, NC. Schedule your appointment today!

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Residential Flooring Company Charlotte NCIf residential flooring is supposed to last for decades, then why are our experts always so busy? It’s because the flooring needs to be replaced. Many homeowners turn to our experts for professional solutions to their deteriorating floors. As a trusted flooring company, we make it our responsibility to deliver exceptional results to bring back their comfort and home style. The flooring service industry is very popular because the flooring will wear out over time. Residential flooring that looks fine today can have terrible damage underneath the surface. And flooring damage accumulates so gradually that it may not be noticed until the flooring is ready to be replaced. Here are some of the most common signs to look for:
Flooring looks dirty or dingy – flooring does not have to be dirty to be replaced. If the flooring is simply looking old and worn-out, new flooring can spruce up a home by adding an extra coat of shine. Flooring has unevenness or waves – wavy or uneven flooring should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid damage that can cause the flooring to buckle. Flooring has flooring discoloration – flooring should not look faded or dingy, even flooring made of wood. If the flooring looks old and worn out, it will need to be replaced. Do you notice these signs in your residential flooring in Charlotte, NC? Contact Vinyl Flooring & Beyond for a professional and schedule a new flooring installation. Let us examine your property and provide you with the best options for your unique space!

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Flooring projects come in every shape and size, whether residential flooring or commercial flooring services. Before committing to any flooring projects, it can be helpful to know some key features about flooring companies that may help you choose the right flooring service for your needs. There are several flooring services available for flooring projects of any size. Whether you are looking for flooring installation, flooring paint, or flooring restoration, there are flooring services available for all types of flooring needs. Some flooring services specialize in a kind of flooring, while others may provide more comprehensive floor covering services.

Flooring prices can vary depending on the flooring service you choose. Flooring supplies and flooring services can affect flooring pricing and any other flooring-related factors such as floor covering condition, floor type, and location of floor to be covered. Other factors to consider when choosing flooring services for floor covering projects include floor covering type and design, floor coverings’ intended use, and budget considerations.

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